How to Grow Taller Naturally Regardless of Age

Short Man Tall ManThis is your one stop resource if you go through life wishing you could increase your height naturally.

Who doesn’t want to grow taller? In literature, demigods are described as exuding an aura of tallness incomparable with ordinary mortals. Likewise, this sense of tallness carries on in our culture and means superiority among the common man and can bring confidence and self-esteem. Height also brings with it opportunities in terms of career as most employers look at it as added criteria for their prospective employees. Tallness, for a man, also means a good chance of winning that woman his heart is beating for; and for the woman getting the attention of most men.

But what if you are not-so-well endowed in terms of height? What if you are only 5’9” and your chosen career as a model requires you to be 5’11”? Or what if you are a woman of 5’2” and your chance of getting that stewardess job is to grow an inch or two more?

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Is the fate of being shorter than what your dream of irreparable? Or if not, what can you do to gain several inches of height and be that person you always wanted to be and get a chance at a career you want?

Here is the good news.  Regardless of your age, you can grow taller naturally even after puberty!  This site provides informative guidance and effective articles to help you on your journey to becoming taller.

As an introduction, lets start with three factors on how you can do it:

The Right Exercise

Exercise can act as a stimulus for the natural secretion of human growth hormones. The gland in the brain called pituitary gland is responsible for the secretion of this growth hormone. The pituitary gland is also known as the master gland because it can control other glands in the body. The human growth hormone that it secretes is a protein with 191 building blocks known as amino acids; which incidentally are what supplements try to deliver to those who want to grow taller.

Medical studies show that in order to elevate the secretion of human growth hormones you need at least 10 minutes of exercise just over the level of lactate threshold intensity. It is important to also note the need for drinking lots of water during exercise since dehydration may creep in and lower the human growth hormone response instead.

Apart from the promotion of growth hormone that exercise can bring, specific exercises can also make you taller in no time. An example of these kinds of exercise is the spinal exercise which can be done by almost anyone no matter regardless of age.Spinal Exercise For Growing Taller

The philosophy behind spinal exercise is that since 33% of everybody’s height comes from the 33 bone segments that constitute the spinal column, exercising them properly can make one taller. This can be accomplished by putting the spinal in traction. This will decompress the bones thereby increasing the fluid capacity in the disks. As a result, your spine will grow stronger and the disks along the spinal column will be thicker.  These responses can be attributed to you being taller in no time.

Proper Diet

Those who know how to grow taller naturally will tell you that diet comes as an important factor in the process. And this is true.

But how should you modify your diet to match your goal?

Avoid High Carbohydrate Food To Grow TallerFirst, you should avoid foods that have high carbohydrate content. The reason behind this is that carbohydrate induces hyperglycemia which turns off the secretion of human growth hormone. Thus, one should avoid taking snacks or having pop soda in between meals. Other studies mean while, have proven that foods high in fat content have been found to lessen the secretion of human growth hormone.  The bottom line is, fatty foods should be avoided regardless of whether they decrease or turns off growth hormone production.

Instead, what you should patronize are those foods that are high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, particularly calcium.

Proteins, which are composed of a chain of amino acids, are fundamental components of all living cells. They are also important for the growth and repair of tissues. One should ingest a good amount of these if one wants to grow taller naturally. Good sources of proteins are legumes, eggs, fish and milk since these foods contain most of the 20 amino acids.

Minerals can also help you grow taller yet beware of calcium inhibitors that reduce growth and can stunt you from getting taller. These calcium inhibitors are alcohol, excessive fats, excessive salt, coffee, soft drinks, concentrated sweetener, and refined sugar.


Sleep To Grow TallerAlmost a 100% of human growth happens during the time of sleep. It is also during sleep when repair and replenishment of your body happens. In research studies, it was found out that the largest surge of human growth hormone goes on one hour after the onset of sleep at night. This is the reason why athletes are advised to get plenty of sleep during night-time. This is also the time when growing taller happens. Anyone not getting enough sleep can expect a reduction on the volume of human growth hormone produced.

It is advisable then for a person intent on growing taller to call it a day at least by 10 in the evening and rise at six in the morning. Medical experts’ advice for optimum growth effect is eight hours of sleep.

It is evident that to grow taller naturally, the participation of human growth hormone is crucial. This is why in these three tips that can help one grow taller, the common goal is to promote and induce the secretion of human growth hormone.

The above 3 factors to growing taller is just an brief introduction, and you should take a few minutes to browse our site to see how we can help you grow taller.

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