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grow taller secretsAre you dying to grow taller? Fret not, because there are a lot of ways you can do to heighten your appearance. This article will reveal the secrets how to increase your height in different ways. Moreover, learn the tips and tricks of wearing clothes that will make you appear taller. Let’s begin.

1) Take care of your body.

You want to know the biggest secret to make you grow taller?—take good care of your body. The body responses to what you are doing with it. It grows beautifully if you feed it with love, care, and attention. If your body is not healthy, it will not respond with 100 percent productivity according to your needs. For example, we may have heard about the claim that after puberty, people stop growing taller. This in fact may be true if you neglect all the natural things your body needs. After teenage years, we might be pre-occupied with so many things in life that we ignore the natural tendency of our body, thus it hinders the further growth of your body. The three main natural factors that your body need so it can function perfectly are sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet. Insufficiency of even one of these factors will definitely result in poor overall appearance. Live a healthy life and avoid toxic substances inside your body. This may be a challenge for some who are used to not living a healthy lifestyle. However, if you really want to change the way others think about you, you must be determined to focus on your goal and reach for it.

2) Medical and surgical tips to heighten your appearance

Taking supplements and undergoing surgical operation are effective methods for those people who want to see immediate results. There may be associated risks if the procedure does not match your body and attitude. Below are a few expansions for these two methods.

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HGH or Human Growth Hormone

This is a natural hormone that may help you grow taller. It promises to increase your height up to six inches more, and you can see great results for a short as 45 days to 2 months. It helps your muscle tissues to grow and stimulates pituitary glands to release natural HGH. To choose HGH as your method to increase your height is good but you must consult a medical professional first for that matter. HGH may have risks involved such as acromegaly, overgrowth of facial bone, liver and thyroid damage, enlargement of the heart, and diabetes.

Distraction Osteogenesis

This is the term called for cosmetic leg surgery. This is a complex surgical operation that may hurt the patient badly. Distraction Osteogenesis has been a successful operation for patients with positive attitude towards the operation. Because of the extreme pain from the operation, the patient may experience emotional breakdown. Therefore, an individual who choose to undergo a cosmetic leg surgery are psychologically examined first by specialists to gauge if he can handle the pain during and after the operation. As with major risks, there hasn’t been any noted incident that a patient got endangered after the surgery.

3) Use elevator shoes to increase your height

Elevator shoes increases your height with the help of adjustable heel insoles. Height can be increased depending on the shoes that you will buy. Increased height ranges from 4cm to 4 inches tall, some wearer would even claim that they’ve increased 5 inches in height simply by regularly wearing elevated shoes. As for risks associated with the product, there have never been any reports about it.

4) Fashion tips and tricks to make you appear taller

To help you more with your appearance, you can make use of fabrics to look tall. Below are tips and tricks on how to do it.

For men and women in general:

  • Know what to wear and how to wear it. If you’re not comfortable with your clothes or you may be trying to fit it in so hard, then it will manifest on your overall appearance. However, you need to be careful when picking clothes that will not make you look dumpy. Sometimes imagination can help you in this regard.
  • Avoid wearing platforms and thick soles. It may help but will also make you look insecure about your height. Try keeping it simple.
  • Avoid clothes that are too flashy.
  • Avoid patterned-design wardrobe. The vertical lines in your clothes simply do the magic, so don’t cover them with patterns.
  • Choose clothes with vertical lines. Whether it be a jacket, pants, shirt or short, vertical lines never fail to do the trick.
  • Uniform that is worn from your upper body to your lower body also is a great contribution to help you appear taller. For example, look for the most prominent color in your shirt and make sure your pants also has it.
  • Look for clothes that fit you perfectly. Too fit or too lose may stress out your physical imperfection.
  • Wear V-Neck shirts or sweaters. This gives an illusion of a heightened torso.
  • Correct your posture. Although you are wearing clothes that give illusion to your petite appearance, if you are used to slouching, the overall wardrobe won’t just work.
  • Style your hair. Ask a salon expert for the hairstyle that fits your head shape and will heighten your appearance.

Added tips and tricks for women:

  • Stilettoes and high-heels always work.
  • Choosing a nice pair of boots during winter is definitely a big plus to heighten your appearance.
  • Wear accessories that fit you well and may increase your height. A few examples of these are scarfs, dangling earrings, long pendant necklace, sunglasses, shawls, and hats.

There you have it. Hope this article guides you well. Take care and enjoy a whole new you!

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