How Can I Increase My Height?

Natural Means of Growing Taller

How Can I Increase My HeightTypically, there are two ways to increase one’s height and these are- through artificial means and through natural means.

The most common artificial means of growing taller are surgical methods and the use of human growth hormone supplements. Surgical method is expensive that not everybody who wants to grow taller can afford. On the other hand, growth hormone supplements come in the likes of agrinine, niacin, glutamine, glycine, and other amino acids. The only drawback of these growth hormone supplements is that they have lots of side effects like diarrhea, headache, dizziness, hair loss, weight gain, nervousness, high blood pressure, and many more. These two popular unnatural methods of increasing height prove to be discouraging and detrimental to one’s health.

There are many natural ways of increasing one’s height. However this article will focus on one of the best catalysts to increasing one’s height: physical exercise. The various natural means of increasing one’s height is inexpensive and delivers no side effects. Following the natural means of growing taller can even improve one’s health.

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To answer your question of you can increase your height by natural means, below are some simple exercises on you can successfully achieve this.

General Stretching Exercises

As a precursor to any physical form of exercise that can lead to an increase in height, stretching exercises are some of the most fundamental ones. In these basic exercise routines, one obviously tries to stimulate all the bones and muscles in the body to gain its maximum length through repetition. By doing stretching exercises regularly, one is assured to have maximized the lengthening potential of the bones and muscles in the body.

Types of stretching exercises that one can do are chin-ups, pull ups and hanging crunches. It is also advisable to involve oneself into sports like basketball for men and gymnastics for women. These sports activities and warm up exercises are good stretching exercises. One’s body and muscles will be conditioned effectively through these sports or exercise routines resulting in increase in height in a matter of days or weeks.

Practice Pilates

It is no secret that one of the effective ways on how to grow taller is through exercise. There are many kinds of exercises and physical activities that one can do. But what kinds of exercises can you do to maximize your height and grow taller in a matter of weeks?

One of the types of physical regimen you can do to grow taller is Pilates. This exercise regimen is a system of routines to enhance body and mind development. The name Pilates was derived from its inventor, Joseph Pilates. In the system of Pilates, body and mind movement is approached in an integrated manner. When movements are performed correctly, they uniformly develop the body. Further, the method of exercises inherent in Pilates develops strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Your question of, “How can I increase my height?” now turns into the question, “How can Pilates make me grow taller?” Here’s how!

Studies found out that the disks, called intervertebral bones, which cushion and separate the spinal vertebrae lose elasticity and hydration after one reaches the age of 25. When this happens the disks start to shrink, more or less an inch of height may be lost because of this. Through a series of Pilates routines, you can promote strengthening of the core muscles to reverse negative effects brought about by aging. In the process, the anterior part of the body is stretched and the posterior muscles are strengthened. The result of this is that the crown of the head extends upward while lengthening the back and the neck region. This further results in correct posture; thus, making one to grow taller naturally.

Check out the Alexander Technique

Another type of exercise that you can do to increase your height is by trying out the Alexander Technique. This exercise technique rests on the philosophy that a practitioner should become aware of balance and movement. This type of exercise is also based on the premise that most people, due to unawareness, develop bad posture habits. These bad habits prevent one from using the body as easily and comfortably. Moreover, muscle then tends to contract, thus resulting in lost height in the process. Through a series of exercises presented in the Alexander Technique, one can easily increase height and grow taller by simple mastery of correct posture.

Getting Plenty of Sleep to Maximize the Effects of Exercises

In addition to stretching and other height increasing exercises, it is also important to note that in order to maximize growth, you need to get plenty of sleep during the night. This is considered by many a natural supplement to increase in height.

Understanding that the body is already tired from working out during the day, getting plenty of sleeping hours during the night allows the bone and muscles of the body to regenerate and replenish itself.

Moreover, getting plenty of sleep helps the human growth hormone surge and facilitates height increase in a more natural way.

So, for those who are short in stature and are frequently asking themselves the question, “How can I increase my height?” these simple tips focused on physical exercises can be an effective way to grow taller naturally. One only needs discipline and determination to follow these simple tips and from there, get the right answer to the question, “How can I increase my height?”

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