How Tall Am I Going to Be?

THow Tall Am I Going To Behe question of “How tall am I going to be when I grow up?” receives doubtful answers. These answers are usually full of myths and folk beliefs.  Yet, the common and most accepted determinant of adult height is directly affected by a parent’s height.

Someone’s maximum height potential is either decided by his mother’s height or his father’s.  Many hold this belief as true and a precise anticipation on how tall a teenager would become when he grows up.  Contrary to this however, factors like nutrition, genetics, and environmental factors are also known to play a large role in the determination of an individual’s final height.

Here are some facts that can answer one of the most common of all teenage questions, “How tall am I going to be?”

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Your Mom is Short, Your Dad is Short, But You can be Tall

There are a lot of queries on the question, “How tall am I going to be when I grow up?” that are popping all over the Internet and are begging to be answered by health experts. Usually, the teenagers who search for the answer to this are born out of parents with a rather unflattering short height. If their parents are short, does it also mean that they will be short people?

Genes play a big role in determining physical characteristics and trait such as height.  Tall parents usually have tall children, while short parents usually have short children.  However, this may not always be the case and it is possible for parents who are 5’9 in height to have children who grow as tall as 7’.  Wilt Chamberlain is a testament to this.  This famous basketball player who was awarded MVP and Rookie of the Year during his first NBA season grew to be as tall as 7’1”.  Yet, his parents and other seven sibling’s height were on the average 5’9” height only.

The reason behind this phenomenon is that there are many genes (about 20) that determine height.  So a parent may have a mix of tall, average height, and short genes while another parent might have a mix of average and short genes only.  Thus, a child can have a mix of genes with prominent tall genes while another child might have a mix of prominent short genes.

So for those teenagers who have parents who are short or have average height, and always question themselves worriedly, “How tall am I going to be?”, should be glad that they can actually take comfort on the assuring answers they usually get from their moms and dads.

Environmental Factors Can Affect Growth

Environmental factors act as a major determinant of how tall a teenager will be when he finally reaches adulthood.  Living conditions and environmental stimulants that influence activities which teenagers tend to do can either promote or stunt growth.  A medical research found out that children who were raised under poor living conditions turned out to be short in stature until reaching adulthood.  Children are not always given the chance to eat food items that can boost growth and development, while there are those that doesn’t have enough food to eat.  These conditions can start early during the fetal stage, wherein the mother is unable to receive the proper nutrition and can be exposed to harmful chemicals such as tobacco smoke and liquor.

Children who have not been influenced to exercise were unable to achieve their full growth potential.  The right amounts of exercise contribute to an inch or two of height increase and also make bones and muscles stronger.

Even if a child is born with genes that will make him tall, without proper nutrition or constant exposure to harmful chemicals, a child will most likely be unable to reach his maximum growth potential.

The Role of Nutrition in Determining Height

According to what society dictates, calcium = tall stature, right?  If you are worried about your height and constantly asking the question of, “How tall am I going to be?” you just have to drink a lot of milk, right?  This is totally false, because there are other types of vitamins and minerals that are known to be essential in your quest of achieving your potential increase in height.

Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and without this, you may only absorb very little calcium despite the consumption of calcium-rich food items.  Getting lots of sun early in the morning will provide you with your needed dose of Vitamin D, and so does eating food items such as mushrooms, egg, salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna.

Vitamin A and C helps bone development and lack of these two can result in retarded growth.  Citrus fruits are a high source of Vitamin C, while Vitamin A rich foods include liver, carrots, apricots, pumpkin, mango, pea, sweet potato and broccoli.

You should also include high-protein food such as chicken, beef, soy beans or oatmeal in your diet.  Protein is very essential since it basically builds your bones and muscles.

Boost Your Growth Hormones with Sleep

Growth hormones, (GH) known to be the main growth stimulant of your body are secreted by the pituitary gland.  This gland normally secrets GH throughout the day, however several research studies have proven that secretion is at its peak during sleep.  Specifically, it peaks at about an hour after the start of sleep.  Thus, lack of sleep can retard further growth and development.

If you are a worried teenager and is constantly asking, “How tall am I going to be?” you now know that while genetics play a big factor in your potential to grow taller, environmental factors, nutrition, and sleep equally play important roles.  Provided with the right living conditions, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep can increase your chances of achieving your full height potential.

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