How To Grow Taller After Puberty

grow taller after pubertyPeople who feel they are too short for their age often wonder how to grow taller after puberty. A lot of people from all walks of life turn out shorter than average, whether it be because of genetics or bad luck. Many of these unlucky people often turn out short even after puberty, so they seek out ways to try and get taller. Some have gone even as far as to try at-home remedies and methods which are often dangerous, and have no effect on a person’s height.

Luckily, modern medical science now has the answers to this particular conundrum. Many kinds of height-improving treatments exist and cater to a wide variety of people. These treatments can range from simple exercises you can perform at home during leisure time, to full-blown medical surgery. Prescription drugs have also evolved to meet the needs of people who want to grow taller even after they hit puberty.

Methods for Growing Taller After Puberty

People who literally fall short after puberty usually feel hard-pressed to find ways to get taller. Some of them aren’t even aware that many kinds of routines exist solely to help people get taller. Many of these methods can even be performed at home, should you only have time for such things at a convenient hour, but others can suit people who are more dedicated to the cause of getting taller.

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  • People who absolutely need to get taller and have cash to blow can opt for limb-lengthening surgery. This medical procedure entails the installation of specialized metal rods on a person’s limbs. These can be inserted internally into bones and muscles, or externally. After installation, the patient is then scheduled to have these rods lengthened periodically in order to lengthen the limbs.
  • If you are fresh out of puberty, then you are probably not up to getting life-changing surgery. Drugs that stimulate the natural growth hormones in you are available in drugstore shelves and in specialty health shops. These HGH-stimulating drugs are typically made of natural ingredients, and can be ingested normally without any special tools and injections. More advanced HGH treatments do exist, but those need to be injected and have harmful side effects.
  • Your choices in natural supplements don’t just stop at HGH, but other natural ones as well. Many specialty health stores and drug stores also carry special growth supplements made of natural ingredients, but your mileage may vary with these. Marketing buzz words and useless ingredients may all be a ploy to get you to buy their products instead of actually helping you grow taller after puberty.
  • If drugs and surgery are not exactly your first choices for growing taller after puberty, then you can simply perform some stretching exercises from the comfort of your own home. Exercise is a universally accepted way to maintain your general health and well being, and was even shown to increase your height to a certain extent.

These methods should give you a good idea how to grow taller after puberty. If you were not blessed with the gift of height even at your age, then you can speed up the process using these methods. Just be sure to ask the second opinion of trained healthcare professionals or your doctor before proceeding with any potentially dangerous treatments, like hormone injections or surgery.

Advice for Getting Taller After Puberty

You can go through many changes when you are in puberty, but growing taller may not be one of them. Some people are cursed to not grow much if at all after even early ages. These people often wonder why, too. Luckily, modern medical science has many explanations to why some people do not grow after a certain age:

  • During puberty, a person will experience many changes in the body brought upon by fast and messy hormonal changes. One of these can be growing taller, but some may not experience this kind of change.
  • A lack of height can often be traced back to the spinal column and spine. The spine accounts for approximately 35% of your overall height, after all.
  • Some people do not grow as tall because of a lack of vitamins and minerals before puberty. Proper nutrition is a powerful catalyst to becoming taller after puberty, and can affect your overall health in more ways than one.
  • Being short may also be a genetic quality that was, unfortunately, passed down to a new generation of children. This fact can often be hard to get past, especially after puberty.
  • Caffeine intake can also affect a person’s ability to grow tall. If you were dependent on caffeine products like sodas and coffee when you were young, then this may be a contributing factor to your lack of height.
  • People who also have had low calcium intake when they were young may also find themselves shorter than most people. It is not too late to catch up to everyone else; simply drink more milk everyday if you are not lactose intolerant.

Hopefully, these insights should give you a better idea why you are not as tall as you should be in your age. People who have often wondered how to grow taller after puberty should use this information to help find a strategy to get taller, or to simply accept the fact that they are shorter than most.

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