How to Grow Taller During Puberty

How To Grow Taller During PubertyPuberty is the most exciting period in life as new experiences and changes happen during this stage. One of the most significant changes that occur during puberty is increase in height. Boys and girls both undergo major physical changes, the most evident of which is linear growth. There are teenagers who want to grow tall in order to feel accepted by society, most especially by their peers. Majority of teenagers do measure popularity and their sense of achievement during puberty through their height.

Notice how tall teenage boys belong to the popular crowd and the slim, slender, and tall girls most often belong to the “it” crowd? It’s a harsh reality, but during puberty, taller individuals usually lead the pack and have greater self-esteem than those that are of short stature.

If you’re in your teen years, you may be wondering if there is something that you can do to increase your height. There are ton of ways to grow taller by means of doing activities that teenagers usually perform regularly.

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Eat A Lot

Since teenagers lead busy and hectic schedules, they develop bigger appetites than most people.  Teenagers should consider increasing their intake of food items that are rich in calcium and protein. These two minerals are essential in the development of muscles and stronger bones. In order to increase height properly, muscles should be conditioned to grow as well. The growth of bones should be proportionate to muscle growth as well. Calcium on the other hand enhances the structure of the bones. It also aids in faster bone lengthening and thickening during puberty years. If you do not know which nutrients will aid you in your quest to grow taller, a pediatrician or your school’s doctor can provide you with the information so you can build your own balanced and healthy diet regimen.

Do Not Diet

Dieting or cutting down on calories is a rampant, unhealthy practice among teenagers. This is most true among teenage girls who want to shed “baby fats” or excess weight in order to increase their confidence and self-esteem. Although being overweight is unhealthy as well, depriving one’s body of needed nutrients during the crucial period of growth and development is considered to be unhealthy and more dangerous.

Instead of cutting down on calories, why not choose food items wisely instead? In this way, you can be sure that you’re not putting more fat into your system, but healthy calories to stimulate growth instead. If you focus on eating food items that has height-inducing factors, then it shouldn’t be hard to grow taller and shed off excess fats all at the same time.

Participate In Sports Activities

It is during puberty, that the human growth hormone is at its peak production. Take advantage of this fact and join in games and sports that will surely stimulate increased production of the human growth hormone. There are many extracurricular activities in school that you can participate in. Any calorie-burning activity that will involve muscle stretching and lengthening will surely enhance and increase your potential to grow taller.

It is during physical exercises and activities that the growth plates located at both ends of bones thicken and lengthen in the process. The strain and stress increases the activity of the growth plates located in our lower extremities. These growth plates close after the puberty stage and will not be able to stimulate liner growth again. Involve yourself in as many physical activities as you can. If you have free time, you can even go to the gym and have an instructor teach you different exercise routines that are primarily developed as height-increasing exercises.

Get Adequate Rest And Sleep

A hectic and busy schedule means that a teenager should have adequate amounts of rest as well. Not getting sufficient amounts of sleep can translate to stunted growth and slow development. Make the most out of your puberty years by getting as much as eight hours of sleep daily. It is even better if you can squeeze in an hour or two worth of nap in the afternoon. It is during periods of rest and sleep that the pituitary gland starts on producing human growth hormone, which then triggers other growth factors to induce linear growth.

Your potential to grow taller may depend on your genetic make-up. It is said that genetics play a big role in determining your final adult height. However, it should be noted that you can certainly improve your chances of growing taller by performing the aforementioned grow taller tips.

Remember that your lifestyle is also considered a major determinant of height. Living an activity-filled lifestyle will most likely result in slow, but continuous increase in height all throughout puberty years. Keep in mind that being stagnant and depending solely on genetics is not helpful at all, if your aim is to reach your optimum height.

Combining good genes with proper nutrition, performing height-increasing exercises, and adequate sleep all result in a leaner, healthier, and taller you!

Growing tall during puberty is not a hard task to accomplish at all.  All you need are lots of information about how you can actually achieve this goal without taking any artificial supplements or undergo surgical procedures. Taking advantage of the growth spurts and combining it with a healthy lifestyle is more than enough for you to achieve your dream of becoming tall.

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