How To Increase Height Naturally

How to Increase Height Naturally

How To Increase Height NaturallyIt is a definite possibility that how to increase height naturally is one of the biggest questions to cross the mind of most men and women.  Scientific studies have proven that the ability to increase height naturally should not be trivial for anyone.

In fact, the average person potentially can grow anywhere from 3 to 5 additional inches, but fail to maximize these benefits.  Missing out on the opportunity on how to increase height naturally can lead to a number of bad feelings during the later stages of your life.

In the quest on how to increase height naturally, it is extremely important to accept the fact that there is no magic pill or injection that can be taken that will allow you to increase your height naturally overnight. Moreover, it is also important to understand that the use of pills or injections can also be considered as solutions on how to increase your height naturally as long as they make use of all natural ingredients.

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How to Increase Your Height

In the context of how to increase height naturally, it is important to reference some statistics that you may be able to relate to, or you feel can apply to your particular body type or lifestyle.  These statistics are intended to give anyone who is looking to increase height naturally a more realistic expectation.  In the same manner that any types of height increase can distinctly vary among individuals in any age bracket.  Consider the following on how to increase height naturally:

  • Children from 3 years old to adolescence normally have a growth rate of 2 inches a year.  This pace of course is not constant and can fluctuate significantly due to a number of nutritional and environmental factors.  This is important to note because what many people perceive as the stop in height increase can actually be only a substantial decrease in the growth rate.
  • Various seasons or time of year can affect growth rate like in the case of summer when growth is normally faster compared to fall or winter.  The reason is that the seasons usually dictate the amount of work that we do to our bodies that contribute to increase height naturally.  A classic example is that we normally exercise more before and during the summer months which undoubtedly increases Growth Hormone production.
  • The age when perceived increase in height stop also varies significantly like in the case for example of teenagers that take up smoking.  Undoubtedly, smoking has a negative effect on natural increase height, so non-smokers have a greater probability of continuing the growth spurts longer.
  • Puberty still remains the peak growth years.  In terms of how to increase height naturally, this means that it is extremely important to maximize these years where growth spurts are incredibly present.  Anyone who is concerned with increasing their height should subscribe to proper diet and exercise during this period as a solution on how to increase your height substantially.
  • Aside from diet and exercise, genetics play a significant role on how to increase height naturally.  It is normally to see height challenged children from couples who are comparatively shorter.  However, this is not a general rule as obviously there are some exemptions.  But, this is vital to know so that other solutions on how to increase your height can be considered during the early stages of your life.

Calculating Average Height

Taking into account the various factors that may affect the process of natural height increase, the approximate height that can be achieved by an individual can actually be predicted.  To increase height naturally, you have to consider that about 80% of the factors that allow for height increase are based on genetics, with the other 20% from other factors like diet, exercise, and lifestyle among others.

The height difference between two average people can reach as much as 14 inches or sometimes even more.  What this means in terms of how to increase your height is that if you subscribe to the wrong diet, do not do exercise, or engage in the wrong lifestyle, you can end up 14 inches shorter compared to the average person of the same ethnicity or race.  Basically, predicting your potential height based on genetics alone can be quite difficult to achieve.

However, you can get an extremely close approximate of your potential height based on the height of your parents including close relatives.  One of the simplest ways to calculate your potential height would be:

  • For men.  Take the height of your mother and add six inches to it.  Add the result to the height of your father and divide the result by two.  This would be your approximate height.
  • For women.  Six inches should be subtracted from the height of your father.  Add the height of your mother and divide the result by two.  More or less this would be your height.

In terms of how to increase height naturally, the results of these computations should give you an adequate idea of whether or not you would want to take advantage of the possible solutions to increase height naturally.  The search for how to increase your height would of course depend on how close the results of the computation would be to your ideal height.

As advances in science and technology become more widespread, there is no doubt that there will be many solutions on how to increase your height that will be introduced into the market.  However, it is important to keep in mind that methods on how to increase height naturally are still the best options to pursue if you are not truly satisfied with your height.

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