Is There Any Way To Get Taller?

way to get tallerWhen thinking of ways to get taller, it is important to understand the factors that determine the approximate height of a person.

When it comes to height, the most common factors that act as major determinants are genetics and the environment where people live in.  On the part of genetics, the amount of growth hormones produced dictates the height-increase potential of an individual. Environmental factors that come into play in determining ways to get taller, normally focuses on the amount and type of nutrition, including stress factors.

There is no question that attempts to get taller are directly affected by vitamins and minerals intake, including amino acid intake that aids in the production of growth hormones.  In the same manner, it has long been established that stress negatively impacts health, that which also includes an individual’s ability to grow taller.

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Exercises To Get Taller

When trying to get taller, you should also take into consideration growth spurts and their eventual decrease after puberty.  The tricky part of puberty is that there is no standard frequency of growth spurts that applies to everybody.  This means that in the context of becoming taller, the answer can vary significantly. For some puberty may last two to four years, while for others even longer.

In order to properly address height-related issues you need to be less specific and a bit more general.  Moreover, the proper solution would have to go beyond factors of genetics, including puberty.  This is the only way that a generalized answer can be made to answer the concern regarding height-increasing issues.  One of the possible solutions that can be done is to perform leg lengthening exercises.


In terms of finding ways on how to get taller, cycling is considered as one of the most effective ways to develop and get longer legs.  As you raise the bike seat about 3 to 4 inches higher than conventional, you begin to stretch your legs farther.  Although the process may be a bit challenging at first, the modification of the bike configuration will help to force your body to stretch and eventually lengthen your legs.

Undoubtedly, the longer your legs become, the taller you get.  For purposes of safety, try the activity first with a stationary bike and ride it at a moderate pace for about 20 minutes daily for approximately two weeks.

Jumping Rope

Another excellent way to lengthen and strengthen your legs is to bring out your old jump rope and start engaging in this activity that you loved doing during your childhood.  This exercise places a ton of stress on the shins, which when coupled with ample rest periods afterwards can lengthen your legs.

The more stress that your shins get, the greater your chances of increasing your height with this simple and easy exercise.

To increase the stress, jump using both legs simultaneously instead of alternately.  The body weight should be balanced on the balls of your feet.  Try to perform as many jumps as possible within five minutes.  To further increase its lengthening effect, do this exercise alternately with cycling.


The only difference between sprinting and running is the distance covered.  In order to increase your height by performing sprints, you must realize that there are basically two ways that sprints can help lengthen your legs.

  • Using sprints as part of interval training can temporarily boost the production of growth hormones from the pituitary gland
  • Sprints present one of the best ways that leg bones can be stressed quite quickly.  In fact, this is considered as one of your best choices when it comes to leg exercises even for those who do not have much time to spare

As with any type of exercise, sprints require ample amounts of rests to deliver the desired results, if you want to get taller the safe and natural way, otherwise, it may lead to shin splints if done improperly.  Approximately 4 to 6 sprints covering 40 to 60 yards done every other day would be adequate enough.


If you want to make this as your solution to get taller, then you have to consider that there are two ways to do this:

  • Using a bench.  Get a stable bench of adequate height, jump on it and immediately jump back off.  You have the option of using both legs simultaneously or alternately, it doesn’t matter.  However, you should know that using both legs will allow you to do more repetitions.  Since these are considered as rapid jumps, the entire cycle must be done in less than a second.  Ten jumps with 30 second rest intervals are recommended.  Do as many sets as you can.
  • Highest jump.  This involves jumping as high as you can.  The goal is to allow your legs to reach full extension. Make sure that your legs are kept straight while you are up in the air.  For your safety, your feet should remain directly under and attempt to land on the balls of your feet and not the heels.  Since it is more intense compared to the other version, you need to have more rest periods in between.  Ideally 5 to 15 seconds of rest periods between jumps would suffice depending on your fitness.


Long considered as the best all-around exercise, it not only helps to lengthen your legs, but also your spine.  This is one of the best solutions to grow taller.  In terms of swimming strokes, breast stroke is the best one to master and apply in order to get taller naturally.  About 20 minutes of breast stroke with about 10 minutes of rest will deliver noticeable results.

If you have a genuine desire to get taller without going under the knife or taking supplements to increase height, then you must definitely try these leg lengthening exercises to achieve increased height.

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