Is There Any Way to Grow Taller?

Man Looking At Ways To Grow TallerFor someone who wants to grow taller, there are two unnatural ways of increasing height. These are by surgical method and the intake of human growth hormone supplements. The first one involves limb lengthening, a surgical procedure that adds 3 to 4 inches to one’s height. During surgery, a bone from some other part of the body is taken out and reestablished at the limbs. This requires strict supervision of an expert surgeon and is expensive, which makes it a no-so affordable option to individuals who want to grow taller.

The second option is through the use of growth hormone-releasing products like agrinine, niacin, glutamine, glycine, and other amino acids that one can easily buy over the counter at pharmacy stores. The only drawback to this method of getting taller is that these products have lots of side effects, like diarrhea, headache, dizziness, hair loss, weight gain, nervousness, high blood pressure, and many more.

These two popular methods of getting taller prove to be discouraging to common folks who want to gain extra height. Is there any height increase option that is available to them aside from these aforementioned methods?

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The answer to this question is YES! There is still a way to grow taller. And this can come through natural ways. Below are some tips on how you can grow taller naturally.

Increase Calcium Intake

The mineral, calcium play an important role in naturally increasing an individual’s height. Calcium also plays a crucial role in the maintenance of strong bones. Increase consumption of calcium thickens and lengthens your bones; particularly the legs and the spinal column, thus making you grow taller. One can get their dose of calcium in food items like beans, cabbage, nuts, cauliflower, sardines, tofu and spinach.

Consume More Dairy Products

Children are provided with one basic truth by their parents- adequate nutrition increases a child’s potential to grow taller further. When your parents tell you to develop a proper balanced diet, you should very well consume dairy products. But this simple lesson tends to be forgotten once a child reaches adult years.

To increase height and grow taller even if you are pass puberty, you should consume sufficient amounts of dairy products on a regular basis. Milk is classified as a dairy product and should be consumed daily.  For those who are lactose-intolerant, they can choose non-milk dairy products.  Non-dairy products include food products such as cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, butter, and yogurt.

Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

A balanced diet should include the consumption eating healthy meals consisting of fruits and vegetables. These types of food are important since they contain minerals and vitamins that can help one to grow taller naturally.

Flatten Your Stomach

This advice can look silly for those who do not know the scientific explanation as to why stomach flattening routines can help a person to grow taller naturally. This actually involves basic physics. When your tummy is overly large because of excess fats, this makes gravity pull you towards the ground thus giving you the inability to maximize your height. Furthermore, the weight of your tummy places excess stress on your back, thereby making you at risk of injuring your back.

Do Regular Stretching Exercises

In order to increase your height, experts are all in unison that an individual needs to do regular stretching exercises to achieve this. Stretching exercises can be in the form of pull-ups, hanging crunches, and chin-ups. These kinds of exercise will stretch out the tendon and muscles in your body, thus giving you the opportunity to grow taller.

Get Into Sports

As one of the strategies that can be used in order to grow taller naturally, one should play sports more often. It is advisable to choose a kind of sporting activity that requires a lot of stretching, for example gymnastics and basketball. Just the mere fact of doing the warm ups for these kind of sports can already promote height growth.

Get Your Posture Right

Another way of growing taller is getting your posture right. This means that not only should you be conscious of posture while standing, you should maintain proper posture at all times.  Whether you are walking, sitting or standing, you need to practice good posture while doing daily work and chores. When your posture is poor, it can result to your backbone getting overly curved in an unnatural wave, thus reducing your height. The bottom line is that getting your back straight gives you the opportunity to maximize your height.

Get Plenty of Sleep

This is probably one of the best answers one can find to the question- Is there any way to grow taller? If you hate and consider sleeping as a manifestation of laziness to the point that you deprive yourself of it, think again. One of the crucial aspects and elements of getting taller is providing your body with plenty of sleep. It is during sleep when growth hormones surge in huge amounts. This is scientifically proven and this is the reason why athletes and those who have problems of growing taller are advised to get enough sleep; at least eight hours during the night.

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