Stretching Exercises to Increase Height

There is no question that stretching exercises to increase height are some of the most effective methods on how to achieve increased growth rate.

Stretching ExercisesBasically, exercise programs which effectively target core muscles and improve posture will also help in increasing growth spurts. Allegedly, this is due to the heightened production level of growth hormones that are released into the blood stream.  Because of this positive effect, stretching exercises to increase height are becoming increasingly popular.

One of the goals of stretching exercises to increase height is to mimic conditions that are commonly associated with other resistance training programs like weight lifting for example.  This is intended to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.  The exercises fall into three categories based on the position they are performed.  Using this method will help you gain not only a substantial increase in height, but also better muscle tone.

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How Can Stretching Exercises Positively Impact Height?

It is a fact that the stronger the core muscles become, the lesser the compression is on the invertebral discs.  As a result, it can thicken the cartilage in the spinal column allowing it to lengthen and eventually increase height naturally.

This value of stretching exercises to increase height is far better than any surgical or medical solution for height growth.  In general, a good stretching exercise program should combine a variety of exercises. Stretching exercises to increase height normally move the body through full ranges of motion to have a more holistic effect.

It helps to achieve the goal of allowing the body to become more flexible, making the bone as well as the cartilage, more receptive to growth spurts.  It is undeniable that any comprehensive exercise program will help build your overall health and in this case increase your height.

How to do Stretching Exercises to Increase Height

Before engaging in any stretching exercises to increase height it is important to consult qualified healthcare providers.  The following stretching exercises should be done in the order of their categories to achieve maximized results.  These have been proven to deliver exceptional results in terms of muscle tone, strengthening, and increasing height.  Keep in mind to do the following stretching exercises to increase height slowly at first to avoid any injuries.

Lie-down stretch

Cobra – to do this you must lie on the floor facing down with your palms placed under your shoulders.  Start by arching your spine upwards and leading with your chin.  Extend the arch as far as possible and hold for about 5 to 30 seconds.

cobra stretch

Super Cobra – extend your arms perpendicular to the floor with your spine arched similar to the end position of the cobra.  Bend your hips and slowly bring your body to an inverted “V” position.  Your chin must be tucked against your chest during the movement.  Hold for about 10 to 20 seconds and return to the start position.

Cat Stretch – Stay on your hands and knees while keeping your arms locked out.  Slowly flex your spine down while you inhale and bring your head up.  As you exhale, bring your spine up to an arched position and bring your head down.  Hold each position for approximately 3 to 8 seconds.

cat stretch

Basic Leg Stretch – sit down with your legs spread as far apart as possible.  Reach your toes while keeping your knees straight.  Do the same for the other leg and ensure that your spine remains straight at all times while moving your hips.  Never arch your upper spine to make sure that the effect is fully felt in your spine and legs.  Hold the position for approximately 6 to 15 seconds.

leg stretch

Stand-up stretch

Bow Down – stand up with your hand held together at the back of your neck.  Begin to slowly bend your head downwards and as far as you can.  Hold the position for about 5 to 15 seconds.

bow down stretch

Yawn – start in the same position as Bow Down, bend your head upwards and as far back as you can.  Hold the position for about 5 to 15 seconds.

Super Stretch – start from a standing position; reach your hands up as high as possible while slightly leaning back.  You should feel the stretch in the lower portion of your spine.  This stretching exercise can be done standing up or lying down.  Because among the stretching exercises to increase height this is one of the easiest and more comfortable, it is ideal that you incorporate it into an exercise program.  Moreover, you can do it even during odd times like when lying in bed or even watching TV.   Hold the position for about 4 to 7 seconds.

super stretch

Wall Stretch – stand up against a wall and reach your hands as high as you can while staying on the tip of your toes.  Make sure your spine remains flat against the wall while holding the position for approximately 4 to 6 seconds.  Compared to other stretching exercises to increase height this is slightly challenging because of the need to keep the spine straight against the wall.

Twist stretch

Basic Twist – begin by standing up with your arms held straight out at shoulder level.  Start to twist your upper body to the left and then slowly to the right while ensuring that your hips and legs stay in place.  Each twist should be held for about 2 to 4 seconds.

basic twist stretch

Bar Twist – get a bar or broom and hold it over your head while standing.  Slowly twist to the left and then to the right.  As you twist to one side stretch your body and hold the position for approximately 3 to 4 seconds.

There is no doubt that if you remain patient and follow these stretching exercises to increase height, you will eventually reach your goal.  Keep in mind that these stretching exercises to increase height can be done regardless of your age.

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